“Where have your quads gone?”

Someone said to me recently “where have your quads gone?”. I thought, ‘mate they’re still there just a fair bit smaller but still functioning’, keeping me moving, allowing me to continue doing the things I enjoy. 

It got me down for a while. Some days I do get down about the size I’ve lost since I started lecturing. Then I think about all the other wonderful things I have been doing over the last two years such as: progressing with my research, working and travelling with GB women’s flag, working with UWE, juggling a long-distance relationship alongside learning the ropes in a new job and second to my research, studying a postgraduate course in HE teaching.

It’s not like I’ve been slacking. I’ve just had my focus elsewhere, to allow me to progress in my career and maintain what’s really important to me (which isn’t muscle size).

I’ve still kept active. In fact I joined my local CrossFit gym where I’ve learnt new gymnastic skills and increased my weightlifting PBs. It’s been fun to train with a community of likeminded people whilst learning new skills and really being pushed.

My yoga practice has also become more frequent. I was once advised by an old lecturer upon taking up my current teaching post, that yoga and meditation were his tips to surviving academia. It’s most certainly been helpful on days when I’ve wanted to move slowly.

So it’s certainly not like I’ve been slacking. I’d love to train as I used to, to have the muscle mass I used to, but at the moment I have a different focus. Perhaps it’ll shift that way again one day but right now I’m quite happy.

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