Brilliant with regard to both prevention and recovery!

– Eden Fahy (Newcastle Vikings)

Ellie looks after 50 American Footballers during match days in the summer – not an easy task
She is well respected by all of them and some use her services on other days during the season to prepare for games.
She is caring, knowledgeable and always gives her best.
Always happy to attend to opposition players also when they have no Physio. I would recommend that you hire her but not on a Sunday when we have a game

 – Mick Tyler (Newcastle Vikings)

Extremely helpful and professional. Efficient, respectful all of timel and most importantly, very knowledgeable. if results are what you’re looking for then i would definitely recommend

 – Junior (London Blitz)

Had a great massage session with Ellie for an hour and was feeling really great before my powerlifting competition. Also had a neck issue while playing american football and she sorted it out by giving me some exercises for rehab and strength of my traps

– Pavlos Kouros (Newcastle Raiders)

Don’t normally do this but I would like to say great service! Always injured from American football, Ellie gave me the platform for a speedy recovery and to come back better and stronger! I recommend her to anyone!

– Diira Ejibe (Newcastle Raiders)

Absolutely great, friendly and extremely professional service suitable for athletes of all levels! Ellie was awesome when it came to rehab and general and sport specific performance advice and therapy. Would 100 percent recommend!

– Misba Islam (Sunderland Spartans)

The help Ellie has given me throughout my rookie season has been fantastic; her ability to identify and treat injury has ensured I have been able to play the University season due to aiding my recoveries. I am very grateful for this help and would recommend her injury assessment, treatment and exercises to those injury prone, as well as those who just want to stay in shape to avoid injury.

– Matt Dyke (Newcastle Raiders)