5 hacks to get in shape without the gadgets

With social media throwing at you all the latest hot gadgets to use in your daily life and work out, it is easy to forget that you can actually stay healthy and improve performance without the gismos.

So, how do we do this?

I’m going to share my top 5 tips with you.

1. Body weight exercises

Plyos, planks and pushups – Build muscle and burn fat through simple body weight exercises which can be performed in your home, local park or back garden. These efficient exercises are ace because they’re absolutely free and can help to prevent injury, as well as enhancing performance. There are numerous ways to target the body with no equipment such as single leg squats, various plank positions, press ups and single leg balance holds. Plyometric training may also be used to increase power output, a combination of speed and strength which are beneficial within all aspects of training.

2. The essentials 

Hydration, sleep, chill time and veg – you don’t need any high-tech sleep trackers or fancy water bottles, just get yourself a pint sized glass and a watch. And don’t forget to allow yourself some you time in your busy schedules. Yes I don’t have my own chill time sorted quite yet (PhD studying gets in the way), but I’m working on it! If I’m not doing some kind of work I feel quite guilty. But when I do have time to myself then I like to relax in the gym, sleeping or drinking coffee/eating brunch with friends.

Lastly, don’t forget to eat your veggies! We are all quite aware of boosting our protein and carbohydrate intake for muscle recovery but we tend to forget we should be eating our veggies for essential vitamins. Yes, you can get these through supplement tablets, but why do that when you can get pure goodness from the delicious real thing… veg!

3. Mobility and stretching 

Why is this important you may ask? Well, by increasing the range of movement at the joints and increasing the extensibility of muscles you reduce the risk of injury when training. This type of training should be built into your weekly training program (including your warm up). I aim for one session a week which focuses purely on mobility, however throughout the rest of the week I continue to use varied stretching techniques to stay limber. Why not try yours when watching TV in the evening?

4. Yoga and Pilates 

Take a look at an online yogi such as Yoga with Adriene who shares her knowledge with you to guide you through different challenges. Or download the Nike training app for a guided session anywhere. The other alternative is picking up a book. I originally taught myself Pilates by using Darcey Bussell’s book ‘Pilates for Life’.

Read more about the benefits of yoga for football here.

5. Be experimental

If you have a length of floor in your living room that is sufficient room to carry out your body weight exercises, stretching or a mobility session then get experimental. You might manage to get the rest of your house joining in the fun too! Plus, by doing exercises at home, you can easily blast out some good tunes and have a dance!

Have less, do more

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