Tips for getting more out of your daily Boris walk

daily Boris walk

With gyms now closed and training called off, it’s easy to fall into the trap of sitting on your sofa, watching every season of ‘All or Nothing’ on repeat and not exercising.

However a lack of exercise can be dangerous for our health, leading to unwanted weight gain, muscle loss, increased food cravings, altered sleep habits and changes in our mental health.

Taking up Boris’ recommended daily exercise is a way to remain sane and physically fit. Yet when this is is the only time we can go out everyday, after a while it might become tedious.

Running and cycling isn’t for everyone and having a causual walk after a long day at your home desk can be highly beneficial.

Here are 8 ways you can vary your daily Boris walk to stave off the boredom and get in a mini workout.

1. Speed up

A brisk power walk will raise your heart rate, meaning you burn more calories.

The British Heart Foundation suggests that working out between 50-70% of your maximum heart rate (220 – (your age) = your max HR) will gradually increase your strength and fitness.

If you don’t have a heart rate monitor on a watch or other device, then why not use something like a BORG (rate of percieved exertion) scale instead. Your effort should be between 5-7/10, i.e. if you are walking with a member of your household then you should still be able to hold a conversation.

2. Change locations

Why not use your walk as an opportunity to explore a path/route you haven’t previously. Of course this depends on where you live and who you might come into contact with, but walking the same way each day will get boring. Take a look at google maps and get planning a new route.

3. Add in a circuit

If you are already working out at home, then why not incoroprate your daily walk into this workout.

For example, you could include a 1 mile brisk walk/run into your daily WOD.

5. Include inclines

Find a route that includes climbing stairs or a hill to increase that lower limb workout and get your heart pumping.

As you get fitter, you might want to try running up and down!

6. Walk with good posture

After spending hours at our home desks slumped over our keyboards we need to ensure we are doing something to correct and reverse these bad habits.

When out on our daily Boris walk we should try to walk tall, with shoulders back and trunk muscles switched on.

7. Stick on a podcast

If you find going outside boring and don’t want to be alone with your own thoughts, then why not download a podcast or audible book. Listen to something motivating or cheerful to brighten your mood. If you find something good then you’re more likely to be eager to go on your walk the following day.

8. Take your dog with you

If you have a dog, take it out with you for company or simply to return your ball after practing your QB skills. By the end of this isolation period you could be the next Tom Brady!

Hope this post gives you some tips for enjoying your daily Boris walk.

Stay safe and remember to responsibly distance yourself from others when out on your daily walk.

If you can’t go out, why not try yoga? Find out how yoga can be beneficial for American Football here.

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