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 ‘ the most important thing is how a guy prepares himself to do battle’

– Hank Aaron



Here are some key steps I’ve taken from the book ‘The champions mind’ by Dr Jim Afremow of how to enhance your pre-game routine to attain optimum mindset and readiness.

Game ready steps

  1. Listen to your favourite song.
  2. Visualise yourself optimising your performance. For example, winning that block, making that catch, securing that tackle.
  3. Practice deep breathing to quiet your mind and steady your body.
  4. Avoid interacting with negative people who could change your good mood prior to a game.
  5. Prepare your game day kit the day before.
  6. Be early to game day. Rushing will only get you flustered.
  7. Go through the same physical warm up routine that you typically do in practice to take your mind away from negative thoughts and to feel at ease.
  8. Focus on what is going well that day.
  9. Stick to your routine before each competition no matter the opposition or importance of the game. But be prepared to adjust your time should you arrive late or the game be pushed back.


Think you might forget these 9 points? Why not keep a copy in your kit bag to look over prior to game to refocus and keep good practice?!

Good luck out there!

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