How to stay motivated for training

how to stay motivated for training, britball, american football

Supplementary training is part and parcel of competing in American football. If you want to play this sport safely and well then you can’t pass up strength work.

As Coach Matt Dias¬† put it ‘if you want to be on the field, this must become your way of life’.


Here are 5 tips to keeping motivated.

  1. Do the type of training you enjoy

It is no good doing an activity you don’t enjoy as motivation will drop and you will end up not sticking to your programme and possibly giving up.¬† So, for instance, if you don’t enjoying running as a form of cardiovascular training, then try interval training on a bike instead. However, bear in mind that sometimes you must grit and bear it (yes I’m talking to those of you who hate stretching). And do remember that if you want to get better at a certain skill such as sprinting, then you must practice that skill.


  1. Build supplementary training into your weekly schedule

Don’t think of your training as separate to football training but as part of it. Yes, it makes the day a little longer, but it is essential to enhance your performance just as weekly training sessions do. And after it all you’ll feel that exercise endorphin buzz!


  1. Few sessions but hard work

You don’t have to train daily to get results. You may train well, following correct technique and progression, allowing rest days and still see great results. Work around your schedule and don’t follow the hype that the more work completed, the better the training session. Train hard and don’t do more than necessary, or risk overtraining!


  1. Train together

Plan your sessions with footballers of similar goals. By sticking together, you can encourage each other as well as correct form and spot one another. Additionally, if one of you is feeling unmotivated then you’re more likely to stick at it and turn it into an enjoyable session.


  1. Follow a programme

Get advice from a qualified professional with knowledge of football who can create a tailored programme to your needs. Once you have this programme (which should be specially tailored to your available time) you can work hard and see the results. And once you do, you’ll be hooked! I also find it helpful to keep a diary when I train so I can look back at my progression.

Do you have any other methods of staying motivated? I would love to hear!

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