Milk – the best way to hydrate the body

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Milk- the best natural way to hydrate the body post exercise

Do you sufficiently re-hydrate post exercise? Have you wondered about the best way to hydrate body post training?

Milk vs Sports Drinks

Are you worried that you can’t afford protein shakes and therefore won’t be able to put on size?

Have you come to the end of your whey protein and is it time to hit the gym?

Well there is no reason to panic, as studies suggest that drinking milk post exercise is just as effective, if not better, than typical sports drinks. Here’s how…

  1. Muscle recovery 

Consumption of milk is an effective recovery drink post resistance training due to increasing skeletal muscle protein synthesis and maintaining muscle glycogen.

  1. Muscle gain 

Milk, when consumed post resistance training, has greater effects in increasing muscle size and lean muscle mass compared to traditional sports drinks.

  1. Rehydration 

Low fat milk is as effective, if not more effective than commercial drinks in rehydration.

  1. Concurrent training 

Milk has been proven to be a more nutrient dense alternative for those athletes who partake in strength and endurance activities when compared to other sports drinks.

  1. Safe and effective

Low fat milk is a safe and effective option to use post-exercise for all individuals, apart from those who are lactose intolerant.


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