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Britball community I need your help!

I am starting the first stage of my research towards a PhD and have now completed all the necessary stages to get it started and therefore it’s now time to launch it.

So let me tell you about it!

What? Why?

The first stage of my research is to investigate the sports injury profile of British American Football, identify trends and areas of improvement in player safety/welfare. I wish to point out that by no means do I want to restrict the sport in its growth but to only boost its development and progress in the UK.

The aim of this study is to determine the incidence, type and causes of injuries sustained by British American Football players in match play and training.

The second aim is to maintain ongoing observation of player safety and welfare within the sport.

Injury surveillance studies of this type provide data that help to monitor levels of injury risk and develop policy changes, injury prevention, treatment and educational programmes. The study will run over one season for each league – women’s contact, flag, adult and university contact – with the view to extend it over a number of years.

There is currently no literature, nor reliable sources to determine the injury profile across the sport in the UK. With increasing participation in both contact and flag football it’s important to understand the injury profile and reflect on this compared to other sports in Britain.

By establishing a sports injury profile British American Football will be placed at the forefront of injury surveillance, allowing us to inform future practice.

Data collection

These four questionnaires will be titled ‘Team Medic Questionnaire’, ‘Per Game Match Report’, ‘Player Injury Questionnaire’ and ‘Time-loss form’.

The ‘Per Game Match Report’ should be filled out on a game-by-game basis. This report should be filled out by a member of the team management or a coach.

The ‘Team Medic Questionnaire’ should be completed by all game-day medical staff. If the team medic/paramedic changes on week-by-week basis, each should be asked to complete the questionnaire. No students in training should complete this document.

The ‘Player Injury Questionnaire’ should be completed by the individual athlete once per season.

The ‘Time-loss Injury Form’ should only be completed and returned when the player has returned to match-play. This is to be completed by the team medic. In absence of the medic, this should be completed by a coach. The number of these forms returned each month will vary.

All team players, coaching staff and medical personnel participating in the British American Football game are being asked to take part in the study, however participation is voluntary. Of course, the more who take part, the better the quality of data collected and also the outcome.

Further details for this can be found on each form.



I would to thank all the teams in advance who are happy to participate in the study and I look forward to working with you all in the coming year.



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