Your Guide to Post-Game Recovery

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By allowing your body to recover properly post game, you will be able to optimize the rest of your week to improve further performances.


Follow these 5 simple steps to optimise your recovery:


  1. Drink a protein rich drink (of 20-25g) immediately post game/training. And chocolate milk works just as well! Then drink another protein drink before going to bed.
  2. For your next meal eat a good balanced meal of high carbohydrate and protein. And don’t forget the veg!
  3. Replenish lost fluids, but avoid alcohol.
  4. Sleep for 7 – 8 hours post training to allow good physiological and psychological recovery. Remember to practice good sleep habits i.e. Turn off your tv and phones and ensure your room is cool, dark and quiet.
  5. Reduce soreness through foam rolling, cold water immersion, gentle exercise and/or massage


 Follow these steps and reap the rewards!




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