The Great Britain Women’s Flag Football Development Day 


Two weekends ago, the Great Britain women’s flag football team ran their second development day, with more in the pipeline! 

These events are ran and organised by Kellie Barrett (of Coventry Cougars & GB women’s flag football), Dean Whittingslow (Head Coach) and Liam Warren-Browne (Defensive Coordinator).

I asked Kellie to give me an insight into the development days. Here’s what she said.

GB athlete Kellie Barrett.

Why should you attend these flag football development days?

“The aim of these events are to introduce people to the sport or develop those that have previously played. We aim to teach everyone at least something new or help individuals develop on-field technique. We even like to try converting tackle players into flag athletes!”

Is this event for you? 

“Any woman can turn up. Whether you’ve never played before or if you’re a veteran to the game, you’re welcome. We hope to get as many women as possible attending. If you want to be coached by and learn from GB athletes then this event is for you.”

Be coached by other female athletes.

What can you expect on the day? 

“Most importantly you can expect a day of fun! During the day you can try multiple playing positions and take part in drills that will progress your knowledge and skills. In the afternoon we look at more in-depth skills and give you the opportunity to showcase what you have learnt. The plan is for each camp to gradually increase your skill level!”

Work alongside current GB athletes.

When is the next women’s flag football development day?

April 22nd in Sheffield followed by 29th July in Loughborough! 

Keep an eye out on the BAFA social media channels for details about how you can sign up to these development camps.

What’s the feedback from the days so far?

“We have had brilliant feedback so far. Many have commented on how they’ve enjoyed trying new positions and learning about the other side of the ball!” 


Follow the BAFA flag football social media page here.

Interested in other ways you can enhance your on field performance, check out the BAFA flag football athlete handbook.

Enhance your flag football skills.

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